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iSmile Specialists in Houston, TX, perform thorough routine dental exams, regular dental cleanings, and deep cleanings. These professional teeth services are powerful preventive measures in maintaining good oral health.

According to the ADA (American Dental Association), you should schedule a cleaning every 6 months. Frequent dental checkups can help identify any additional dental problems you may encounter early on.

This can also protect you from developing periodontal disease (gum disease). Preventing gum disease is important because, when left untreated, it can cause serious health problems. 

Do I Need A Professional Teeth Cleaning?

Visiting the dentist is the surest way to know exactly where stand in terms of your oral hygiene. For the most part, our teeth are always in need of constant cleaning. Every time we eat food it is bound to get stuck somewhere in between our teeth or inside our gums. 

Brushing and flossing in between dental visits are a great way to keep up with your dental hygiene. However, this will not mean you will never have to visit the dentist. Even the most skilled brushing and flossing techniques can not guarantee that you will not need professional cleaning. 
Plaque and tartar develop over time and require a little more than a toothbrush to remove completely. 

Do you have any of these symptoms?

  • Gums that are puffy or red
  • Bleeding gums when brushing or flossing
  • Bad breath
  • Receding gums
  • Tender sensitive gums

If you do experience any of the above symptoms you should schedule an appointment with a dentist as soon as possible. These are signs of poor oral hygiene and you may be overdue for a dental appointment for a cleaning. 

Dental Cleaning Types

There are two types of dental cleanings, regular and deep. A regular type removes moderate plaque and tartar build-up occurring naturally over time.

When cleaning is not performed regularly the chances of developing gum disease increases substantially. A deep cleaning will be needed to treat the gum disease. 

Deep cleanings are used to treat the excessive buildup of tartar under your gum line. This in-depth cleaning can also help a patient who is at risk of developing full-blown gum disease.

Regular Teeth Cleaning Treatment

Regular dental cleanings will remove plaque before it can turn into tartar. In most cases, tartar can also be removed with regular cleaning. A hygienist is able to use a special tool called a scaler to scrape and remove tartar completely off your teeth. 

The Importance of Regular Cleanings

Plaque is a sticky substance that is created as a result of chemical reactions that occur in your mouth. It is usually formed with a mixture of food particles, bacteria, and saliva. Having your teeth routinely cleaned can prevent the build-up of plaque. 

If plaque is left uncleaned, it will turn into tartar. It will then become much more difficult to remove from your teeth. Tartar can make your teeth appear yellow and also give you bad breath. 

Leaving plaque and tartar on your teeth for long periods can cause you to develop gum diseases such as gingivitis. When you start to develop these types of gum diseases then you will most likely require deep cleaning. 

Dental Deep Cleaning

A dental deep cleaning can be a little more uncomfortable than a regular cleaning because your gums are already so sensitive. Deep cleaning also involves a more rigorous approach to cleaning your teeth. The hygienist can provide a local anesthetic to numb the areas to be cleaned if needed.

The Importance of Deep Cleanings

Neglecting regular dental cleaning can start to cause more consequential dental problems. Bleeding gums when brushing your teeth is a red flag that you are suffering from gum disease.

Deep Teeth Cleaning For Gingivitis

The tartar and plaque have been left for too long, and are now negatively affecting your gums.
At this point, they become very sensitive and start to recede. If this is left untreated it could most likely lead to tooth decay and eventually tooth loss. The only replacement for a tooth is a dental implant and it is a considerably expensive procedure. 

Severe gum disease will require deep cleaning called scaling and root planing. Scaling removes plaque and tartar from below the gumline. Root planing assists in reattaching the gums to the tooth. 

How Much Does Teeth Cleaning Cost in Houston?

Teeth cleaning costs in Houston are going to fluctuate for every person, regardless of where you go. There are a few things to consider and generally, these factors will contribute to pricing. 

The price for this type of dental care is going to be based on the following:

  • The dental office you visit
  • If you have dental insurance
  • The type of cleaning you require
  • If you require any form of sedation

How Much Does A Regular Cleaning Cost?

Regular dental cleaning range from $80- $200. This dental offers a promotional rate of $110 for routine teeth cleaning. Regular cleanings are much more affordable than deep cleanings. Staying up to date with these cleanings makes it less likely for you to require a deeper clean. 

How Much Does A Deep Cleaning Cost?

The average price of deep cleaning is usually around $800 - $1000. iSmile Specialists offers a promotional rate of $600 for cash or credit customers at our dental office. Free estimates are available for patients with dental insurance

Does Dental Insurance Help Cover Expenses?

Dental insurance normally covers your recommended amount (twice a year) of regular dental cleanings completely free. Depending on your insurance a deep cleaning may not cover the expenses completely. The office staff at your dentist is able to contact your insurance. They are then able to inform you exactly what percentage of the treatment is covered. 

After Care For Dental Cleanings

When your cleaning is complete, your hygienist will give you tips on caring for your gums and teeth at home. Brushing your teeth at least twice is normally recommended with the addition of flossing at least once a day. 

Deep cleanings may require more instruction as the gums will require more time to heal from the profound cleaning. Staying on track with your scheduled cleanings is the best way to preserve your dental health. It can also save you hundreds of dollars that come with more complicated dental problems. 

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