Crooked Teeth Treatment


Crowded And Crooked Teeth

Crowding main

When your jaw is small, your teeth won’t have enough space to be straight, and they will be either pushed out or be crooked “crowded”.

Why do I have to have crooked teeth?

Crowded teeth are hard to keep clean even if you practice good habits to get a healthy smile. Crowded teeth also may affect your bite and cause bone problems. In severe cases, crowding may cause a joint problem or what is called “TMJ”.

Crowding with hard access to clean teeth
Crooked teeth are usually harder to clean and more prone to trauma and chipping

How do you treat crowded teeth?

Usually, braces or Invisalign can be used to correct the problem. In certain cases, we need to remove some teeth while in other cases we need to use an expander to widen the jaw

I used to have straight teeth before, now I notice my teeth started to shift, why?

It is important to see the right dentist when you are young. As we get older, our mouth will undergo certain changes in a process called “Aging of the dentition”. This is most common on the bottom front teeth.

With healthy bone, this might be corrected in a short time “usually 6 months” and a permanent retainer is recommended at the end of the treatment.

crowding #1
Extreme crowding cases treated with 4 teeth extracted
Crowding 2
Crowding case with damaged teeth treated in 26 months with braces
Case 3
Severe crowding with impacted #11 treated without extraction


Crooked teeth corrected with Invisalign without extraction
Lower crowding corrected with Invisalign without extraction. Dr. Kanaan 2017


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