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Complex Orthodontic Cases

As we get older, we will get cavities, gum diseases, darker and chipped teeth, more crowding, TMJ and so on. But we always want to have a straight and shiny smile especially if we are in front of the camera sharing our pictures with others. 

Complex Orthodontic case

Where do you start the treatment in this case? Implants or braces? How wide is the missing tooth? Any extractions?  

Where do you start if you have a mouth like this? Do you see the general dentist first or the orthodontist? Do you fix the root canal first, or you need to extract that tooth later during braces? 
At iSmile Specialists, we will do this for your complex cases. We will establish a treatment plan with options so you can afford the best outcome for your case.
Save yourself the frustration of spending the money on a tooth and then discovering that this tooth needs to be removed later “this is something common among complex cases that we see at out office”

How does it work and where we start from?

On the day of your FREE consultation, we will take x-rays, pictures and a 3d-digital scan of your teeth and bite.  From these records, we will establish two treatment options for you to achieve an excellent out result with the most affordable way.

Complex orthodontic case 2
Planning teeth width is essential to a successful outcome

Once you have picked which option you want, we will produce a blue print of your future teeth or what is called “wax-up”.  Have you been to madame tussauds wax museum? They sculpture the image of real people from wax and we will do the same concept by carving your future teeth and smile as wax 

Why I need a wax-up?

The wax up is a dental GPS that will help us in three ways: 
1.    Give you an idea how your future teeth will look so you will feel comfortable proceeding with the treatment. This also allows you to make any changes if you are completely satisfied with the possible outcome, 
2.    Provide Dr. Samo and Dr. Kanaan the green light that their treatment option is feasible and doable, and 
3.    Provide Dr. Kanaan the exact position on where to place the teeth at the end of the orthodontic treatment and provide Dr. Samo with a template to make the final teeth when ready.   

I want to fix my teeth to get a nice smile, but I do NOT want to do braces or Invisalign? 

Always patients ask us the same question and my answer is “can you build a house on bad foundation? “ 
Here is a patient that got his veneers on the front teeth and they kept breaking because of the bad bite 

Complex Orthodontic case 4
Building on a bad foundation has bad consequences. This patient got his front veneers twice and they kept breaking. Dr. Kanaan corrected his bite. See the completed case below.

I have my own dentist and I would like to continue the work with him, is it possible?

Absolutely YES.  However, this will require you to make several appointments with your dentist while being treated at our office. The advantage of doing your complete work here at iSmile Specialists is that Dr. Kanaan and Dr. Samo will coordinate your needs at the same time and same place. This will save you time and effort and any adjustments could be done immediately in the office without the need to leave our office and drive to your dentist for your other work.

Case of the month August 2018. Patient got his bite corrected with braces and his smile corrected with two crown.

Complex Orthodontic Case 4
Extreme case with excellent outcome. Dr. Kanaan 2018 copyright

Case of the month Jan 2019: missing teeth, fused teeth, crowding and midline problem.

Complex Orthodontic Case 5