Missing Tooth Replacement with Dental Implant and Braces in Houston

By Dr. Kanaan and Dr. Samo

Happy patient with implant houston

Here is a clinical case that presents the power of combining an orthodontist with a prosthodontist at the same place for a single tooth replacement. The patient was referred to iSmile specialists to continue her orthodontic treatment and for a single tooth replacement. She is missing a tooth in her upper left side ( Upper left the first premolar).

Imlpant orthodontic houston sugar Land
Note how the missing tooth caused the canine to shift backward

Dr. Kanaan “our orthodontist” discussed the case with Dr. Samo “our prosthodontist” for the best treatment plan. It was recommended to create 7 mm of space for a dental implant to replace the missing tooth. Based on the X-ray, we need an extra 1.8 mm of space.

However, the previous dentist was trying to make the space to the back of the canine "The red arrow in the picture". After studying the bone structure on both sides of the canine, Dr. Kanaan decided to move the canine backward, not forward, as the anterior area has a better bone. This will save the patient the need for a bone graft and will take a shorter time to finish the case. Research has shown that bone quality and quantity are two important factors in implants' long-term stability.

Implant placement with ortho treatment in Houston
The red arrow represents how the dentist was trying to move the tooth forward. The left X-Ray shows how much space is needed.

When the desired space was created, Dr. Samo re-examined the area and gave the patient exciting news! She was ready for the implant procedure as the space was ready for the implant. She decided to place it on the same day.

Implant placement with ortho treatment in Sugar Land

In the meantime, Dr. Kanaan did not leave our patient with an open gap. Using the state-of-the-art 3D printer we have at iSmile Specialists, he made her a temporary retainer with a fake tooth to like like her natural teeth.

Implant space with ortho treatment in Houston
Immediately after braces removal

retainer with a fake tooth
A temporary retainer with a fake tooth to cover the implant space

After 5 months, the implant was successfully integrated into her bone, and it was ready to receive the final abutment and crown. Dr. Samo delivered the crown, and she received a new set of retainers.

Our patient is very happy about her new smile.

Excellent implant placement in Houston
Excellent outcome. Can you tell which tooth is my implant?

At iSmile specialists, we always keep a digital copy of the patient final result as a backup. We also give the patient a copy of her actual molds. Please keep them in a safe place if we happen to need them in the future.  

3D dental printed models for patients
The patient was given a copy of her printed models for a safety backup