I used to believe – like others – that keeping our wisdom teeth is better than removing them. Also, some religious people believe that GOD created them for a reason, and we should not take them out. 
However, I have been documenting - after seeing 1000s of patients over the years -  the damages and problems that these wisdom teeth can cause. Thus, I am a firm believer that it is not a wisdom practice to keep the wisdom teeth. 
Here is a list of patients who REFUSED to remove their wisdom teeth and then came back with problems.  

  • Case: 1 

This is a daughter of a physician that her mom does not want to take her wisdom teeth out as they are fine and not causing any pain.  Few years later, she came back with severe pain on the tooth adjacent to the wisdom tooth. What Happened is that the wisdom tooth cause the tooth next to it to get damaged and now she ended with a root canal with a crown on the back tooth with the wisdom tooth surgically removed. 


  • Case: 2

This wisdom tooth was 90 degree impacted causing a cyst “the black crescent area” to form around the impacted crown which in return caused a damage to the root of the second molar. BOTH teeth where extracted.


  • Case: 3 

Here is a case like #1 but for the right side where the un-extracted wisdom tooth caused a damage to the back of the second molar. The wisdom tooth was removed, and the second molar was treated with a root canal and a crown. Extra cost to the patient $1900.


  • Case: 4 

Here is a sad case of a mother of one of my patients. I advised her to remove the two lower wisdom teeth back in 2009. She came back recently to get braces and we discovered the big lesion associated with the impacted wisdom tooth. She was referred to the oral surgeon.

  • Case: 5

Another second molar victim being attacked by the wisdom tooth. Both teeth were not savable and were extracted. Pt will get a bone graft and then an implant. $4200 damage. 

  • Case: 6 

This patient knew he has an impacted wisdom tooth but never took care of it. After years, the wisdom tooth caused a deep cavity on the second molar. Luckily, the second molar was savable with a root canal and a crown and the wisdom tooth was surgically removed. Damage cost $1900.

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