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Metal Braces In Sugar Land Houston

Metal Braces are usually what comes to mind when you think about braces. These are the original braces invented over 100 years ago.  They are strong and durable. Dr. Kanaan uses them all the time to build beautiful smiles and he recommends using them specifically on children. Usually, they are made of a strong stainless steel alloy. 

To make metal braces look fabulous, kids usually pick different colors to make them look cool. You may use our software to pick your color next visit after logging into your account

Advantages of Having Metal Braces 

It's good to know how metal braces can help you to make the best decision.

Braces are really sturdy. Depending on your daily activities you might prefer to have something that is sure to stay in place. Some patients prefer this because of the fear of losing their trays when receiving Invisalign treatment. Metal braces can also have a quicker treatment time depending on the patients' needs. Some patients also lack the self-control needed to not remove their trays when getting treated Invisalign. Patients with complex dental issues may want to consider metal braces as an option.