Underbite correction without surgery

Most patients with under bite were told to wait till they finish growing and then get the jaw surgery to correct their bite problem.

Dr. Kanaan was hosted by Deborah Duncan on TV to explain his new technique and how it worked successfully on his patients.

In the past, jaw surgery was the ONLY option to correct underbite. But now we have a new proved option that patients can afford to get their under bite fixed.

Wael Kanaan DDS MS
Dr. Kanaan meeting with Deborah Duncan on how to correct the underbite without surgery. His patient was told that she needed a surgery to correct the bite but she refused to do the surgery. Her bite was corrected without surgery using mini implants in 25 months.

Underbite is a serious condition that can affect your chewing, bite and pronunciation. When the bottom teeth are positioned in front of the top teeth, then We have an under bit case or "class III occlusion"

Why do I have an under bite?

Under bite could be attributed to teeth position, jaws position or both when it is from teeth position, it is easier to get fixed with braces. How-ever, jaws position under bites may require a more complex treatment or even jaw surgery.

How to fix an underbite?

We can fix underbite with surgery or without surgery.

Dr. Kanaan will fix your underbite without surgery by using the space of your wisdom teeth. He will place two mini implants in the back after extracting your wisdom teeth and then use these mini implants as anchors to push the whole lower teeth back. 

Case #1

under bite correction without surgery
Please notice the red mark on the X-ray and how the lower teeth moved back

Case #2

Underbite correction without surgery wael Kanaan sugar land
Please notice how her lower lip went back. NO surgery.  Copy Right 2012 Dr. Kanaan

I had braces before to fix my under bite, but it came back after few years. Why?

This is common in growing children when the under bite is caused by the lower jaw. The lower jaw will keep growing till age 18-19 in girls and 20-21 in boys. If that is the case, Dr. Kanaan recommends you wait till you finish growing and proper treatment will be rendered. Also, wearing a special retainer called Tooth Positioner TP might help to reduce the relapse. Here is a case after 5 years of correction.  

Notice the stable case after 5 years of treatment

My doctor told me that I need a jaw surgery but I cannot afford it, how can you help?

If you like your face and the profile looks acceptable, Dr. Kanaan might recommend his alternative technique to camouflage the under bit. This includes teeth extraction, mini-implants placement and more. Here are 5 more cases that he treated without surgery. Please enjoy!