Space between teeth treatment


When your jaw is large or your teeth are small, you will notice some gaps between your teeth especially the front ones.

How long it will take to close my teeth gaps? 

Are you ready for the challenge?  Here is a patient that had her wedding in 3 months and she wanted to be a gapped-free bride. Dr. Kanaan took the challenge with accelerated space closure and closed the gaps in less than three months

Accelerated space closure with braces
Our challenge case to close the bride gaps before his wedding. Original pictures with dates

My dentist told me that I have “Tongue thrust” and that is what causing my teeth to be spaced, is that true?

The tongue is the strongest muscle in our body and when it is positioned in a wrong way, it may cause your teeth to be pushed apart and out “either as spacing, open bite, or both”

A spacing case from tongue thrust treated with braces by Dr. Kanaan in 14 months

What is wrong with gapped teeth?

Food is very easy to get packed in the spaced area and that is annoying when eating and might cause trauma to the gum tissue.

How do you treat gapped teeth?

Usually, braces or Invisalign can be used to correct the problem. However, you might need to get some cosmetic restoration on certain teeth if the spacing is due to small teeth.

I used to have perfect teeth with no gaps, now I noticed a gap between my front teeth, why?

Bone and gum are the supporting structure for the teeth. When they get weak “due to gum disease”, teeth will have less support and they will tend to shift. This is most noticeable on the top front teeth.

Invisalign line

Can you close gaps with Invisalign? 

Absolutely YES and a big YES,  please check the case below. 

How Invisalign works to close gaps