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Clear-Braces in houston

Clear Braces are a great option when considering orthodontic treatment. These braces are more for adults or teens as they seem to care more for the visual appearance of braces.

Teens, in particular, seem to feel a little self-conscious about having a full metal mouth.

Clear braces are far less noticeable than metal braces but they are still as effective in straightening teeth and do not increase your treatment time.

A revolutionary bracket system designed from ceramic material specifically to help promote your oral health and to achieve a beautiful, life-changing smile.

Clear Braces Vs Invisible Aligner

It would help to bring some clarity on the differences between clear braces and invisible braces like Invisalign.

Both are effective at correcting misaligned teeth. Clear braces have the same components as traditional braces. They include the brackets but in clear color and can include a clear wire as well.

Clear Braces in Houston
Clear Braces

Invisalign uses align technology that is specially molded to fit your teeth. These teeth aligners are completely removable as opposed to traditional braces and clear braces. However, you are expected to wear them most of the time and only remove them to eat, brush, and floss.

Invisalign requires a lot of discipline from the patients because they have to keep themselves from removing the trays. For this reason, clear braces are a better option for anyone that does not want the responsibility of the success of their treatment.

clear braces houston

Do clear braces change colors? 

Unlike plastic clear brackets, clear ceramic brackets that we use at iSmile Specialists do not stain. Only ties holding the brackets to your teeth stain, especially if you smoke or drink loads of coffee. But these ties are changed every time an adjustment is made, usually, monthly.

Do clear braces cost more than traditional metal braces?

Ceramic braces cost more for the orthodontist to purchase and often take more visits and more time to install than metal braces. Even though orthodontists charge about $1,000 higher for using ceramic braces than they would for metal braces, Dr. Kanaan at iSmile Specialists does NOT charge extra for clear braces!

Are Clear Braces Suitable For Every Patient?

The best time to wear braces is often in your teenage years. During these years your teeth and jaws are still under development. However, adults can have orthodontic treatment with the best results also.

Clear braces do have pre-requisites. After receiving a free smile assessment from our doctor he will be able to determine if you are a valid candidate for this procedure.

• Everyone knows that ceramic is used in dinnerware and resembles glass in both hardness and brittleness. Hence, they are less resilient or absorbent to shock abuse or force than metal braces.

Whether clear or not, ceramic braces are more brittle and sensitive to shock so that they can break, chip, or fracture easily. Most dentists would caution applying them in teeth that are often used for chewing food.

• Ceramic brackets generally present more friction when sliding the metal ties to adjust the brace which accounts for more effort and time in the process. But the latest generation of ceramic brackets with metal slots has made this a problem of the past.

• Because ceramic is harder than enamel, teeth that bite or rub against the brackets can easily wear where the brackets contact the teeth. This is why ceramic braces don’t get recommended in certain teeth biting patterns or tooth anatomy such as those with long cusps on opposite teeth.  

Tips For Caring For Your Teeth With Clear Braces


Caring for your braces is extremely important. After receiving your clear braces your orthodontist will recommend staying away from certain foods. You will also be instructed on how to properly brush your teeth and braces.

The brackets and wires allow for a lot of food to stay stuck in between your teeth and braces. This makes bacteria build up and can start to cause cavities fairly quickly.

Certain foods to avoid:

  • Chewy foods like candy bars, chewing gum, granola bars.
  • Any drinks with a pH < 4.0 can cause dental damage even in the absence of bacteria.
  • Hard Foods like nuts, chewing ice, hard candy.
  • Crunchy foods like potato chips, apples, hard bread.


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