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What are Lingual Incognito Braces? 

Incognito™ Hidden Braces are a unique orthodontic treatment option featuring customized braces placed on the backside of the teeth where they are completely hidden from view. Since they are completely customized for you, Incognito Hidden Braces offer many treatment options.

Do they work? YES and check this crazy case

Incognito Hidden Braces can treat nearly any orthodontic issue, while Incognito Lite Hidden Braces are specially designed to fix just your "social six" - the teeth that are visible at the front of your mouth.

No matter which option you choose, no one will know you're wearing braces – unless you tell them!

VS. Traditional Metal Braces and Clear Braces

Traditional metal braces and clear braces are worn on the front of your teeth and a mouth full of metal isn't necessarily your preferred look. Incognito Braces are applied to the back of your teeth, meaning no one will know you're wearing braces unless you tell them.

VS. Clear Aligners

Clear aligners, such as Invisalign® Aligners, are made of shiny plastic and must be removed to eat and drink. The aligners are visible and many find them very inconvenient to remove every time you sit down to eat(take it from Incognito Braces patient Mary). If you don't wear the aligner, your teeth will not move. Incognito Braces are invisible and work all day every day to straighten your teeth.

Simple answers to commonly asked questions about Incognito™ Hidden Braces:

Are Incognito Hidden Braces invisible?

Incognito Braces are placed behind your teeth so they have been completely hidden from view

-- unless you let people in on your secret.

What is Incognito™ Lite Hidden Braces?

  • Incognito Lite Hidden Braces are specially designed to fix your "social six" - the teeth that are visible at the front of your mouth. They work just like traditional Incognito Hidden Braces and are just as invisible. Incognito Lite Braces are especially popular with people who had braces in their youth but have seen their front teeth move out of alignment over time.

Do Incognito Hidden Braces hurt?

  • The procedure to get the braces placed on your teeth is painless for most people. No matter how you straighten your teeth, many people experience tenderness when their teeth move.

Will Incognito Hidden Braces affect my speech?

  • Most people adjust to speaking with braces within two weeks. If you feel you're speaking differently, you're probably noticing it more than anyone else. Speak a bit more slowly until you feel comfortable with your new hidden braces.

Are Incognito Hidden Braces hard to keep clean?

  • No, caring for your Incognito Lingual Braces is not hard and is not much different than your current regular oral hygiene routine. An electric toothbrush and dental floss work just fine, but many patients enjoy a "tree brush" for easy, on-the-go food removal. A water flosser is also a popular hygiene tool.

How long will it take to see results?

  • Each case is unique, so the length of time it takes to see results with Incognito Hidden Braces varies. Many people begin to notice changes before their next appointment.

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