Overbite correction




If your teeth are sticking out like this, then you need help.

The AAO defines the overbite as Medically Necessary Orthodontic Care if the Overbite is greater than 8mm “reference” 

Case of the Month for severe overbite correction  June 2013

overbite correction
This girl started treatment at the right age and her overbite was corrected without extraction. Dr. Kanaan 2013

What is an overbite?

Overbite is a common problem where the top teeth are positioned more forward relative to the bottom teeth and thus giving it the appearance of “Bucked teeth”. Several factors contribute to overbite including hereditary, thumb sucking, trauma to the chin, early loss of lower baby teeth ... etc.

What is the best time to treat overbite?

When children are growing, especially around the growth spurt which is 10-12 year for girls and 11-13 year for boys. At this age, the upper and lower jaws are actively growing and the orthodontist might be able to modify the growth pattern to correct your overbite.

How to fix an overbite?

This depends on the age of the patient. 

Overbite correction in teen


  if the patient is young and growing, the treatment objective is to bring the lower jaw forward with braces / Invisalign  combined with a headgear / rubber bands / bite correcter, ... etc . NO extraction is needed
Non growing


  If the patient is an adult with severe overbite, then extracting two upper teeth might be needed of optimum outcome

Treating overbite requires a careful study of your record to determine the best treatment plan. In most cases, the treatment will consist of two parts, one to treat your teeth and the other one to correct your overbite. This includes rubber bands, Head gear and Bite corrector.

My Dentist told me that I have to have to a surgery to correct my overbite, is this true?

Again, many factors must be considered in determining the need for surgery. The most important ones are the extent of the overbite and how much facial improvement is patient looking at. Here is a case that we fixed without Surgery. 

overbite correction without surgery
This patient came with an extreme overbite " over 14 mm" and was corrected without surgery. We extracted only two teeth on the top and closed all gaps. Dr. Kanaan 2010.

However, if the patient is having a breathing problems "sleep apnea" as a result of the small lower jaw, then surgery might be recommended. Dr. Kanaan will coordinate with your sleep specialists what is the best for you. 

over bite correction with surgery
In extreme cases, jaw advancement surgery might be recommended.


Can Invisalign correct an overbite?

YES, and I fixed the overbite of my brother who is 38 with Invisalign. Invisalign now offers two options to do this: 
1.    Use rubber bands with invisalign as with traditional braces, or 
2.    Use the jaw advancement jigs built into the Invisalign trays.  

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