Forms & Instructions

You can print all forms to be filled out and bring them to the office.

For ALL new patients, you need to fill the FIRST 2 forms:

  1. Personal, Dental, and Medical questioner » click here
  2. Consent for initial exam and X-ray » click here

Dr. Kanaan Orthodontist Referrals:

Dr. Samo Prosthodontist Referrals: 

Braces Consent:

Braces Post-Op Instructions:

Braces early removal for Military >> click here

General Dental Procedures Post-Op Instructions:


  • Post-operation instructions Dental Implants Procedure » click here
  • Post-operation instructions Root Canal Procedure » click here
  • Post-operation instructions Simple/Surgical Tooth Extraction Procedure » click here
  • Post-operation instructions Crown and Bridge Procedure » click here
  • Post-operation instructions Scaling and Root Planning Procedure » click here
  • Post-operation instructions Gingivectomy Procedure » click here
  • Post-operation instructions for Tooth Exposure » click here
  • After your Zoom Whitening visit » click here