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The Case of The Month  " May 2018" 

Open bite non surgical correction
This patient had braces before and was told surgery was the only option to correct her bite. Dr. Kanaan treated this case WITHOUT surgery using mini implants.  © 2017 copyright iSmile Specialists.

When the top teeth don't touch the bottom ones, then we have an open bite case. The easiest way to check if you have an open bite or not is to try to hold a piece of paper with your front teeth.

What causes an open bite?

Usually, teeth have the tendency to touch each other. If an open bite exists, that means something is interfering between the top and bottom teeth preventing them from the meeting.

The most common cause in children is thumb sucking and in an adult is tongue thrust. Also, other bad habits might contribute to open bites such as pen biting and pipe smoking.

Open bite from Tongue
Watch how the tongue is resting on the front teeth causing an open bite. Case treated 2012 by Dr. Kanaan
Open bite form the tongue
Open bite case from tongue thrusting and mouth breathing treated by Dr. Kanaan using braces and expansion.

What are the consequences of an open bite?

Besides the non-cosmetic appearance, an open bite can greatly affect how you pronounce certain letters such as "t,z, and th".

Certain cases require speech therapy in conjunction with braces.

How to treat an open bite?

Treating an open bite has two folds:

1- Elimination of the cause; no more thumb sucking or tongue thrust.

2- Putting braces to move teeth to their proper position.

How to maintain my corrected open bite?

The secret is to keep your tongue away but using special small tongue spikes. 

Here is a testimonial from a patient who got braces before. 

It is very important to wear your retainers and eliminate any habits that can contribute to bringing back your open bite.

Can we correct this case without surgery? 

Open bite case
This case is done cooking :)  Check the end results below

We posted this start case almost 3 years ago and we have good news for you. Dr. Kanaan corrected the open bite without surgery using clear braces and two mini-implants “TADs”.

The key here is to use light force so the teeth, gum, and bone can move at the same rate. We left two tongue spikes to prevent any possibility of tongue thrusting.   

Open bite treatment without surgey in Houston using TADs mini implants
Open bite treatment without surgey in Sugar Land using TADs mini implants
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