Why cheap Dental Implants can cause problems

Implant dentistry is becoming the first choice for replacement teeth when they are missing. 
Sometimes, my patients -who need implants-, ask me how come other dentists do them cheaper. I always explain to them that there are many types of implants and success is like a picture puzzle where all the pieces are needed to complete the picture. Cutting corners to save on prices will affect the overall success of the implant and will cost more in the long run. 

Today, the FDA revealed 3 medical devices with the most reported problems in the medical industry.  

Dental Implants were the second problematic device after Blood Glucose Tests and before Breast Implants. Be careful where you get your implants. ?
The data from the FDA had been collected over 20 years and Madris Tomes did in-depth research to show how many problems were reported, and the types of problems with the devices.

The lists are long and varied.

1.Blood Glucose Tests

2. Dental Implants: " 2,243,222 reported problems in the US"

Failure to osseointergrate - Loss of osseointegration - Removal of Implant - Fracture - Positioning failure - Implant mobility - Mechanical problem -  Difficult to insert - Malfunction  and Cracks leading to implant failure. 

Problems with dental Implants from FDA

3. Breast Implants 

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What happens now?
Currently, the FDA is reviewing and looking at updating regulations and warnings for breast implants, dental implants, and blood glucose tests.
The FDA held public meetings on the safety of breast implants and is exploring stronger warnings about the risks.
Here is the full article from AZfamily.com

We also put an article on how to pick a good dentist for your implants.

When implants are placed in healthy gums with an excellent treatment plan, the success rate becomes higher, especially with good oral hygiene, absence of gum disease and periodontal disease, proper support of the implant, and absent of bone loss “ due to diabetes and other medical conditions”