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Correcting your orthodontic problems will help with your overall oral health.

When the orthodontic dental front first started there were limited options for doctors and patients alike.

From unsightly metal headgear to the more modernized metal braces we know today.
As time progressed dental technologies started to develop.

We were introduced to new ways of straightened teeth with a more conservative approach. Invisalign became part of dental care.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a transparent plastic orthodontic device that is a form of braces to adjust teeth. Invisalign works to align your teeth without the use of metal wires or brackets.

This treatment plan is more for anyone that does not want the visual appearance of metal braces.

It is still an effective way to straighten your teeth. This surgical case was corrected by Dr. Kanaan using Invisalign alone. 

Invisalign Dentists Case

What are the benefits of Invisalign?

Invisalign has several advantages most of them deal with appearance and comfort. The main advantage is of course that they are almost invisible.

Other advantages include:

  1. Invisalign is removable and makes eating or brushing and flossing a lot easier. You can also clean the tray to keep your mouth from building up bacteria.
  2. There are fewer food restrictions. Traditional Metal Braces restrict you from eating anything chewy, too hard, or sticky.
  3. Invisalign offers more comfort than metal braces because there are no metal wires that can poke your mouth.
  4. The trays are specially custom made to fit your teeth.
  5. Fewer visits to your orthodontist's dental office. Invisalign aligners only need to be maintained approximately every 6 weeks.

What are the drawbacks of Invisalign?

Invisalign has many benefits but there are a few things to consider before receiving treatment. Some people might be better suited to handle the responsibilities that come with clear aligners.

Ultimately the patient is going to be responsible for keeping the trays for the recommended allotted time.

This can be a challenge for certain people as they lack the discipline needed to have a successful treatment.

Everyone is different and some patients might not mind the required maintenance and responsibility.

Invisalign Drawbacks include:

  1. The patient is responsible for keeping trays in for up to 22 hours a day
  2. Brushing and flossing will be required after every meal before inserting trays again
  3. Tray maintenance will be required to keep the clear aligner clean
  4. Can affect your speech
  5. They are generally more expensive than metal braces

Are Standard Braces Still Preferred to The Invisalign System?

The preference between standard braces and Invisalign mostly comes down to the patient. Patients who select to have clear aligners are mostly worried about cosmetic appearance.

They also like the flexibility of removing the trays.

Invisalign is still very effective in straightening crooked teeth.

However, there are complex cases when traditional metal braces are needed to correct the problem.

Standard metal braces are still one of the best options to correct your teeth and treatment time is also generally faster.

Invisalign is available for patients who don't want the metal mouth appearance. The patient will have to qualify to have their teeth straightened using this method. 

Why Invisalign, not Braces?

invisalign vs braces


  1. Oral Hygiene: Invisalign aligners can be removed for normal brushing and flossing. Therefore, it's easier to maintain a good level of oral hygiene throughout the course of treatment.
  2. Comfort without mouth sores: Most people experience temporary, minor discomfort at the beginning of each new stage of treatment. This short-term effect is typically described as a feeling of pressure. Speech may be temporarily affected at the beginning of treatment.
  3. Efficacy: Invisalign can be as effective as traditional braces for all of the most common teeth-straightening issues when worn according to the recommendation of Dr. Kanaan.
  4. For adults & children: Invisalign is as effective as traditional braces when worn according to the recommendations of Dr. Kanaan for the most common teeth-straightening issues.

Does Invisalign hurt?

When you get Invisalign you will feel pressure and discomfort during the first days. The trays cause the right amount of pressure for your teeth to move into position.

After a few days, you will start to feel the pressure a lot less and discomfort will subside.

Trays will need to be switched out about every 1-2 weeks. Each time the trays are switched you will feel pressure as your teeth shift.

The feeling is about the same as traditional braces in terms of pressure and discomfort.

Can Invisalign make my teeth just as perfect as braces can do?

Yes, Absolutely! Invisalign can give you great results.

Clear aligners are now more able to handle more complex cases than before and they do a great job at correcting a lot of different orthodontic problems.

Dr. Kanaan has had countless great results using Invisalign.

How Invisalign Moves Your Teeth

Should I get Invisalign for my underbite?

In the past, only traditional braces and surgery was used to correct issues like underbites. Invisalign can effectively treat your underbite depending on the severity of the case.

Dr. Kanaan is an expert Invisalign dentist and he can fix even more complex cases using Invisalign. After an initial assessment and 3D Scan, the doctor will be able to determine the best course of action.

How long does one have to wear Invisalign?

Treatment time will vary for each patient depending on the severity of the case. Patients are required to wear their aligners for 20-22 hours a day.

The patient is essentially responsible for the success of the treatment. The average treatment time is 12 to 18 months.

Invisalign Houston

You can remove your Invisalign when you are eating and whenever you brush and floss. For the most part, you will want to keep your trays in your mouth to fulfill the required time frame and get effective treatment.

When should I start seeing Invisalign's results?

Patients usually start to see results within a matter of weeks. The better the patient is at keeping the trays in for the required time intervals the faster results will be seen.

When patients don't follow the recommended wearing time progress will be slow and can take longer to see results.


Should I visit a dentist or orthodontist for Invisalign?

The best choice will be a specialized orthodontist like Dr. Kanaan. A general dentist can offer Invisalign services.

However, they are limited in knowledge and will not be able to handle more complex cases using Invisalign.

Visiting our specialists will ensure you get the best possible treatment using Invisalign.

Why do so many people use braces and not Invisalign?

Traditional metal braces have been the only method of correcting orthodontic problems for a long time. In 2001 Invisalign went public and began to gain popularity due to the cosmetic appearance.

Invisalign is still generally more expensive than traditional metal braces.

Most people opt to get traditional braces because they are still generally the most effective way of treating ortho problems and it is not as expensive.

What should I expect after Invisalign treatments?

Knowing what to expect after your treatment is over can help make your treatment more effective.

A lot of patients are really satisfied with the result that comes with clear aligners. Some patients get comfortable and do not follow the aftercare.

You will be issued a retainer after you are done with your Invisalign treatment. Wearing your retainer will ensure that your teeth do not shift back and will keep your treatment from being in vain.

How much does Invisalign cost?

Invisalign cost usually varies, but the average is between $3,500 - $8,500. Treatment cost varies depending on the complexity of your case.

It is always best to consult with your orthodontist first to determine the actual cost of your treatment.

Invisalign Cost

Invisalign Dentist

Dr. Kanaan is one of the best Invisalign dentists in Houston, TX.

He has even developed ways of correcting extreme overbite and underbite cases without the use of surgery.

Invisalign Dentist in Houston

Our doctor is an expert on Invisalign and he uses the most advanced methods to help correct your ortho problems.

Kanaan Invisalign

Going with a specialist will ensure that you will get the best possible dental care using this treatment. There are also great financing options available for you. 



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