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Important Things to Know About Invisalign Teen 



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For the longest time teens have used traditional metal braces for straightening their teeth. Advances in modern orthodontics have given birth to a wave of new and more conservative options for orthodontic treatment. 

Teenagers that suffer from social anxiety and the pressure to fit in are more self-conscious about their appearance. Metal Braces have become more of a norm in our present time. However, wearing them is still not something that most teens are usually excited about. 

Introducing Invisalign Teen. These clear aligners are designed specifically to fit perfectly in the mouth of your young adult. They are completely invisible and are a very effective treatment plan to correct your teen's smile. 

What Exactly Is Invisalign Teen?


Invisalign Teen


Invisalign Teen is a remarkable new way of straightening teeth for your young adult that is practically invisible. Advanced align technology is used to create clear trays that will shift your teeth into place. 

The Invisalign teen aligner is designed to fit perfectly in your teenager’s mouth. There is no use of metal brackets and wires. Your teen simply puts the removable aligner over their teeth and they are ready to go. This treatment option allows for a more comfortable cosmetic appearance while correcting your smile.  

How Does Invisalign Teen Straightened Teeth?

Teen Invisalign aligners work with the same concept as metal braces. The trays apply just the right amount of pressure to your teeth causing them to shift gradually into place. Every couple of weeks your teen’s trays will be switched out. The necessary adjustments needed to shift their teeth into alignment will be made.

Initially, there may be slight discomfort as the teeth adjust to the pressure of the aligner. This fades over time and there is generally less discomfort than traditional braces. 

Is Invisalign Teen More Expensive Than Regular Braces?


Invisalign Cost


In the past, when Invisalign first came out, it was much more expensive than regular braces. Invisalign has been around for a while now and has become a more common solution for orthodontic treatment. The cost is now about the same depending on the complexity of your case. 

Most dental offices offer flexible financing options. If you have insurance they may also cover all or a portion of your expenses. It is always best to consult with your local orthodontist to receive an accurate assessment and estimate for your specific case.


What Are The Disadvantages Of Invisalign Teen?

The only real disadvantage of Invisalign Teen is responsibility. Since the trays are removable it is important that each patient keeps their trays in for the allotted required time. The time required for Invisalign treatment will increase if they are not worn as directed. 

How Many Hours A Day Is My Teen Required To Wear His Aligners?


invisalign time

In order to see the best possible results, each patient is required to wear their trays for at least 22 hours a day. They may remove them when eating, brushing, or cleaning them. For the most part, it is best that they are wearing them for the majority of the day. The trays are designed to not interfere with teen's normal daily activities. 

Is My Teen’s Diet Limited To Certain Foods?

Regular Braces restrict a good amount of foods that interfere with treatment. Chewy foods or hard foods can damage your braces. This can cause you to have to visit your orthodontist sooner than expected and get them repaired.

Invisalign Food

Unlike traditional metal braces, there are no dietary restrictions. The trays can be completely removed so you can eat whatever you like! This is definitely a plus because most teens lack the discipline to follow their dietary restrictions. 

Does Invisalign Treatment Work As Well As Regular Metal Braces? 

Invisalign can be as effective as traditional metal braces in treating most non-complex cases. Invisalign has become more versatile over the years and it is now able to handle more complicated teeth corrections

Invisalign Teen

Should I Visit A General Dentist For Invisalign Teen? 

General dentists may offer Invisalign services but they are much more limited than visiting a highly-trained specialist like Dr. Kanaan. He is a certified Invisalign orthodontist and has had many successful procedures with Invisalign. Our doctor can correct more complex cases using Invisalign that general dentists cant. 

What Are The Advantages Of Invisalign Teen?

The biggest advantage that Invisalign offers is the cosmetic appearance. They are virtually invisible and will not affect your teen’s self-esteem. Another advantage is that it is much easier to maintain oral hygiene than regular braces. 

Metal braces make it harder to brush and floss because of the wires and brackets. Invisalign aligners are easy to maintain clean and can be removed to brush your teeth and floss normally. 



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