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There are many instances in which a dental crown can become necessary for a person. This common dental procedure can help with a number of different dental issues. Crowns have been around for a very long time.

In the past, they were made entirely of gold or wood, but the ones that are placed today are made of strong porcelain or composite resin, and they closely match our natural teeth. Metal crowns are more common among kids and are used to cover baby teeth that have been damaged. 

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What Is A Dental Crown?

A crown is like a cap that goes over the enamel of a tooth that has suffered damage or decay. There are generally two types, permanent crown, and temporary crowns. Temporary ones cover the tooth while the permanent one is being prepared. Partial crowns can also be used to cover and protect the maximum amount of tooth structure.

There are times when crowns are used for cosmetic purposes. They can be used to solve simple spacing issues and also to match discolored teeth to whiter teeth

When Do You Need A Dental Crown?

There are a number of reasons a tooth needs to be crowned:

  • A root canal is performed on a tooth and the tooth structure needs to be preserved
  • A tooth is heavily decayed and a filling is not enough to cover the tooth
  • To improve the cosmetic appearance of a misshaped or heavily discolored tooth
  • A fractured or chipped tooth
  • Restoration for a dental implant

What Are The Types Of Dental Crowns?

There are 5 common types of material that a dental crown is made of: porcelain fused to metal, ceramic, gold, resin, and base metal alloy crown. 

Dental Crowns Houston

Ceramic Tooth Crown ( Porcelain Dental Crown ) 

Ceramic Crown -- This is a sturdy porcelain-based material that is able to match the color of your teeth. Porcelain crowns are completely biocompatible, which means that no metal is used and they are non-toxic. These crowns are usually used on the front teeth. 

Resin Crown

Resin Crown -- Typically less expensive than regular crowns. The only drawback of this type of crown is that it has the tendency to wear out a lot faster. 

Gold Crowns

This crown is made of gold mixed with other metals such as copper. Gold a precious metal that is able to last a lifetime. It will never fade or tarnish and will continue to hold its value over time. 

Porcelain Fused To Metal Crowns

Porcelain fused to metal crowns -- These are more durable than regular porcelain because of the mixture with metal. They also have a natural color that is able to closely match your teeth. 

Base Metal Crowns

These crowns are among the longest lasting. They fit easily into your natural teeth. They are a great option for teeth that are not visible, such as your rear molars. 

How Much Does A Dental Crown Cost?

Dental crowns cost an average of about $1,500 in the Houston metro area. These prices can vary depending on the difficulty of the procedure. The type of material used for the dental crown also plays a factor in the final price. 

Does Dental Insurance Help Pay For Dental Crowns?

This fairly common procedure is usually either fully or partially covered. Your type of insurance provider will help determine what expenses will be taken care of. Delta Dental Plus plans cover about 50% of the procedure for in-network providers. 

dental crowns Houston

Dental Crown Procedure

Multiple Day Procedure With A Temporary Crown

Normally, undergoing this process requires at least two dental visits. The cosmetic dentist will closely examine your teeth and take a series of X-rays of your teeth.

After determining if there are any preliminary preparations needed then the doctor will decide whether or not to proceed with the dental crown. 

An impression of your tooth will first be taken in order to create a perfect replica of it. 

A root canal is usually performed before the crown is placed if severe tooth decay or an infection is present. Root canals can leave your teeth more fragile that is why a crown is needed to protect them from breaking or chipping.

During the root canal, all the infection and bacteria are removed then the tooth will be prepared. A local anesthetic will be applied and the tooth will be shaved down to a base where the crown will be placed. 

The impression taken will be sent to a lab so that the permanent dental crown can be made. During this process, the dentist will create a temporary crown in order to protect your tooth until the permanent one is placed.

The temporary crown may not closely match the color of your tooth but your permanent crown will closely resemble and match your natural tooth exactly.