Over Bite

Over Bite

Overbite is a common problem where the top teeth are positioned more forward relative to the bottom teeth and thus giving it the appearance of “Bucked teeth”. Several factors contribute to overbite including hereditary, thumb sucking, trauma to the chin, early loss of lower baby teeth ... etc.

What is the best time to treat overbite?

When children are growing, especially around the growth spurt which is 10-12 year for girls and 11-13 year for boys. At this age, the upper and lower jaws are actively growing and the orthodontist might be able to modify the growth pattern to correct your overbite.

How do you treat overbite?

Treating overbite requires a careful study of your record to determine the best treatment plan. There are three major ways to correct the overbite:

1. In mild cases and if the patient is growing "younger than 21", moving the lower jaw forward can fix the overbite problem. This could be achieved with rubber bands and special appliances. like case 1

overjet 2

2. If the patient is not growing or the upper teeth are pushed out, then removing two upper teeth and bringing the front teeth backward will fix the overbite

3. In severe cases that affect breathing or speaking, a surgery might be needed. This will count about less than 1% of the cases and we always try to fix overbite without surgery 

overjet correction 2

Case 1: Dr. Kanaan treated this patient with braces and rubber bands practicing option #1. Excellent results


Case 2: Dr. Kanaan treated this case with option #2 where he extracted teeth to correct the overbite 








Over Bite
Over Bite