Open Bite

Open Bite


When the top teeth don't touch the bottom ones, then we have an open bite case. The easiest way to check if you have an open bite or not is to try to hold a piece of paper with your front teeth.

What causes open bite?

Usually teeth have the tendency to touch each other. If an open bite exists, that means something is interfering between the top and bottom teeth preventing them from meeting. The most common cause in children is thumb sucking and in adult is tongue thrust. Also, other habits might contribute to open bite such as pen biting and pipe smoking.

What are the consequences of open bite?

Beside of the non-cosmetic appearance, open bite can greatly affect how you pronounce certain letters such as "t,z and th". Certain cases require speech therapy in conjunction with braces.

How to treat an open bite?

Treating an open bite has two folds:

1- Elimination the cause; no more thumb sucking or tongue thrust.

2- Putting braces to move teeth to their proper position.

It is very important to wear your retainers and eliminate any habits that can contribute to bring back your open bite.


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Open Bite
Open Bite