Impacted teeth

Impacted teeth


Dr. Kanaan is an expert in treating impacted teeth with over 400 cases already treated. He participates in the exposure surgery to place the attachment in the proper position.

What is an impacted tooth?

When a tooth does not grow in the mouth and stays inside the bone, the tooth is impacted. Impacted teeth are quite common and require an immediate attention. Usually your dentist will discover them during the regular check-up visit.

I have an impacted tooth; do I need to treat it?

Teeth are supposed to be in the mouth, not the bone. If they stay in the bone, the can cause damage to adjacent teeth, move into vital structures, or start forming a cyst over time.
Dr. Kanaan DOES recommend the impacted teeth to be either brought down with braces or to be extracted.

How long does it take to bring an impacted tooth down with braces?

This varies based on the location of the impacted tooth. But generally it will take an extra 6-12 month in treatment.

Can I treat an impacted tooth with Invisalign?

Only certain cases that fall into the easy category might be considered for Invisalign. If they are hard, then regular braces would be the only option.

Sometimes, impacted teeth got stuck inside the bone and would not move. Although this is rare, but the consequence is upset to both parents and the patient as the impacted tooth has to be extracted and extra treatment would be needed


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case 1

Case 1 one impacted front tooth

case 2

Case 2 four impacted teeth

case 3

Case 3 impacted molar

case 4

Case 4 one front tooth impacted due to trauma





Impacted teeth
Impacted teeth