Cross Bite

Cross Bite


When one of the jaws is not in shape with the other one, teeth will not touch as ideally and they will be positioned more outward or inward. Cross bite will affect greatly how we chew and sometime also how we look and talk.

When is the best time to correct cross bite?

The general role is to use the concept "the earlier, the better". This is especially important in growing kids when Dr. Kanaan can change the shape of the jaw while the child is growing.

How to treat cross bite?

In addition to braces, cross bite might require the usage of special appliances to correct the situation. If the cross bite involves the back teeth, an expander might be needed. If the cross bite involves the front teeth, a face mask might be needed. Dr Kanaan will determine what application is needed based on his thorough exam.

In extreme cases, these appliances might not be enough to correct cross bite and a jaw surgery might be needed to place the jaw in its ideal position.



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case 1

Cases 1 treated with braces and two crowns

case 2

Case 2

case 3

Case 3

Cross Bite
Cross Bite